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The Veiled Society Campaign for Labyrinth Lord

“Labyrinth Lord” with “The Advanced Edition Companion”

“Form-fill character sheet”
“Landscape character sheet”

Races & Classes
All races and classes, including Advanced Edition classes are allowed. Multiclassing is permitted, as per LL core… which means you keep separate XP for each class. When you receive XP, you can divide it among your classes as you see fit. Humans can multiclass.

Roll 6 arrays of 4d6, drop lowest, in attribute order:
Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha
Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha
Pick the array that best matches your character concept. Moving attributes from one array to another is NOT allowed. If you want to bump up any stats within your array, you can borrow 2 points from any other attribute for every point you want to increase (2:1 ratio). You cannot lower any stat below 9 using this method.

Hit Points
Level 1, start with max Hit Points + Con modifier (per LL Core rules for your class)

Lawful or Neutral alignment only.

Starting Gold
Level 1, start with max gold per LL Core rules (240 gp)

“Shields Will Be Broken”. If your character has a shield, you can use it to absorb all of the damage from a single attack, but then the shield will be rendered useless/broken.

Character Death
Your character is unconscious at 0hp. Your character is dead when he/she reaches their current level in negative hp.

Please bring your own dice!

Rule Zero
Rule Zero is in effect at all times.

Multiple Characters
I do not allow a player to control multiple PCs in-game, but … 0e D&D can be very lethal. If you want to roll up more than one character, you are more than welcome to. However, the character you first play will be your primary character until such time as that character dies.

Secondary skills will be used.

As per Labyrinth Lord, page 44.

Multiclassing is allowed. Arcane casting while armoured is not allowed.


Three families are dominant in Specularum: The Families of Specularum

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